Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nature Photo Shoot with Emma

Hi! I have done a photo shoot with my sister  Emma.Some of them turned out really nice! The sun was setting and the golden light was perfect for pictures! Enjoy! Also, check out Children's Challenge Corner for the winner of challenge #28 and look for our new April Challenge that will hopefully be posted tomorrow sometime!
I took this picture of our neighbor's forsythia bush.

Go to Emma's blog to see the pictures she took of me
with the daffodils!

Emma took this but I am holding it.It turned out great, didn't it?

I love this one!:)

I took 3 pictures of this same shot except it's closer every time.

Our huge maple tree top.

This little tree was perfect! Don't mind Daddy in the background:)
Here is the 2nd picture.

This one is cute.

Thanks for looking at my blog!

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