Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hi Anna here and you now a long time ago I Got a new bunny but I did not post Pitchers of him so here they are.
 Cant see his face there
soooooooooooo cute Thanks for looking 


Friday, May 17, 2013


Hi Anna here and I'm sooooo bored Dad Ethan and Aaron are going fishing and Mom is going to a stamp class and wont be bake ontill after supper so it's just me Emma and Owen  I'm just Lising to disney the Lion king can you feel the love tonight!!!!!!!!! I'm going to post pichters of me
That was at the sea dog's
my 8th B-day
at my House 
my house
beachthanks for looking Anna

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Luck Charlie

Hi Anna here and I love Good Luck Charlie Go on Netflix than sarch Good Luck Charlie there are 3 season's and the 4th will come out next year it is about Tiny Charlotte aka Charlie Duncan look's to her Mom Amy Dad Bob Brother PJ Sister Teddy and brother Gabe. Teddy dose this thing called a Video Diary   for Charlie from the time she's a baby to a kid there are also stuff about the ather's a lot of it is Teddy any way here are the peepol who play them.

mother Amy aka Leigh Allyn Baker 
Dad Bob aka Eric Allan Karmer
Brother PJ aka Jasson Dolly
Sister Teddy aka Bridgit Mendler
Brother Gabe aka Bradley Steven Perry 
And last off all the star Charlie aka Mai Talerico
So that's it oh one more Bridgit Mendler's boy friend.

look it up you will love it thanks for looking