Horses for Hannah

Hello! Horses for Hannah is a book I am writing and as I write it, I will post it on here! I hope you enjoy it!

        I'm Hannah Scott. I live on a mountain in Minnesota with my mom and dad, my sister Emma, my brothers Ethan, Aaron and Owen, and my dog Paul. This is my story.


"Let go Paul!  12-year-old  Hannah Scott said to her dog. They were in the middle of a game of  tug-of -war- with Hannah's rope as the main thing. "Supper!" Mrs Scott called from the porch. Hannah gave one final tug, just as Paul let go. Hannah want flying in the air. She landed with a 'bump!' She picked herself up and dusted off, then ran in for supper and sat down.  They ate chicken and peas-and for dessert, apple pie! Then, Hannah and Ethan ran out to feed the horses Bob,Anna,Sarah,Black,Moon, Silver,Sun,Winnie, Jan,Sam,Dan,Anna,Emmy, Bonnie, Owen,Queen,Henry, Jazzy,Sally,Lucy,Jasmine,Frozen Winter, Ann, Midnight,
Emily,Sammy,Danny,Larry,Kit,Loo,Boo,Ice,Charlie,Billy,Ruby,Bella,Molly,Poppy,Harry,Tilly,Millie,Lady, Storm,Dancer,Beauty,Angle,Whisper,Wind,And last but not least, Julie.and her foal Jeff. Just after she had finished, Hannah heard her cousin Jillian call her. Jillian was 12, just like her and lived on the farm right next to theirs.  She had a  little sister Alivia, was 6 one year oldere than Hannah's sister Emma, and Jillian's brother Sam who was eighteen like Ethan and her other brother Ben, who was tow one year yonger then Hannah's brother Owen and Charlie who was one like Aaron. "Hi Jill!" Hannah said "Hi Hannah!" Jillian walked over to Hannah. "Jill, come with me! I have something to show you, but we have to go on horseback, come on!" "Okay!" Jillian said excitedly. "I'll take Sarah." "And I'll take Sally!" Hannah said. Five minutes later, with Hannah in the lead, they rode off.

Hannah and Jillian rode through the woods and eventually came to a clearing. "Oh! Jill said. "It's so pretty!" In the clearing, there was soft, green grass, birds everywhere, and in the middle, was a beautiful cherry tree. "Come on! Tie your horse to a tree!" Hannah said, as they slid out of the saddles."I'll beat you up the tree Hannah!" said Jillian. She and Jillian climbed up the tree as fast as they could go."I won!" Jillian said, as she pulled herself up onto a branch and then helped Hannah up."I can pick more cherries than you Hannah!" And so they picked and picked and picked.After a while, Hannah looked into the baskets that she had brought along. "We have a lot! We should pick a little more, so we can have enough for some pies!" "Okay!" Jillian agreed. So Hannah and Jillian picked for five more minutes. "Okay, now we can go!" Hannah said. "Isn't this place awesome! We'll have to come back!" "Definitely!" Jillian agreed, as they got out of the tree and ran to their horses. "Beat you back!" Jillian dared. "You're on!" Hannah smiled. Hannah won. "I won!" Hannah yelled triumphantly as she put Sally back in her stall. "Hi Mom!" Hannah said when they got back inside. "Hi girls!" Mrs. Scott smiled at them from the sink where she was washing dishes. "Mom, guess what? We picked some cherries for you! I found this great little cherry tree in a clearing in the woods!" Hannah said, as she plunked the baskets down on the table. "Thank you girls! I can make pies with these later!" Mrs. Scott took the baskets and started washing the cherries. "Hannah,why don't you show Jillian you're room now? It's all finished!" "Good idea Mom!" Hannah said. "Come on Jillian!" The girls ran up the stairs."What did your mom mean Hannah?" Jillian asked curiously. "Oh, didn't I tell you? I moved into Ethan's room! Remember? He is going away to college, so I get my own room! And Mom and I painted it pink, and Dad put in a window, and Mom got me a rug, and my table, two new chairs and we redid Ethan's closet and guess what?" "What?" Jillian asked breathlessly. "I have a......." Hannah began. "What? Tell me, tell me!! "I have a new bed!" What!" Jillian said. "A new bed! Cool! What kind of bed?" "A bunk bed!" Hannah said proudly. "Oh, cool! Let's go look!" Jillian said.


"This is so cool!" Jillian said. She and Hannah had climbed up to her top bunk and where hanging upside down. "I feel sick." Jillian said. They hopped down and Jillian pretended to throw up. "Haha!" Hannah laughed with her. "Come on! There's more! Emma got her room redone and Aaron and Owen's room got redone too!" They walked across the hall to Emma's room and stopped in the door way.Emma and Alivia were having a tea party with their dolls. Emma's room was a light pink, with her bed and dresser on one wall ,some pictures that Emma had drawn, and a book shelf with spaces for her dolls and a window on the other wall. "Let's go to the boy's room now." Hannah said.They ran down the hall and stopped in front of the boy's room. The walls were light blue with clouds. Aaron's crib was on one side of the room and Owen's bed was next to it. The boy's shared a dresser, which was on the other wall. "Why are there three beds?" Jillian
asked. "Oh, that's where Ethan is going to sleep until he goes to college." Hannah replied. "Oh, cool! I wish I had my own room!" sighed Jillian. "Oh well. Maybe someday!" Hannah said. "Hey!" she said suddenly. "Why don't we ask for a sleepover!" "Yeah!" Jillian agreed. So they ran down the stairs into the kitchen where Mrs. Scott was preparing the pie dough. "Mom can we...." Mom cut in. "I called Jillian's mom and she said next week on Friday." Hannah stared at her mom. "How did you know?" she asked in amazement. "You ask all the time Hannah! Usually whenever Jillian comes over." She said with a smile. "Okay.......Jillian! Let's go out to the backyard! We have a bird's nest with baby birds in it! But be careful-the mom and dad might give bomb you if you get too close!"


   "Oh! So cute!" Jillian said. She and Hannah were looking at the baby birds. "But I can't see them very well." Jillian said, so she got a little closer. "Wait Jill!" Hannah said. Too late. The mommy bird was going to dive bomb them! "RUN!" Hannah yelled as she and Jillian ran for the safety of the house. They burst into the kitchen just in time to save themselves and to stop Ethan and Sam from eating the freshly baked cherry pie. "Stop!" Hannah panted. "It took us an hour to pick those cherries! Don't eat it yet! It's for dessert tomorrow!" "Okay." Ethan said reluctantly. He and Sam ran into the living room. "Come on! Now I have something to show you!" Jillian said. So Hannah and Jillian ran next door to Jillian's house. They ran up the stairs and into Jill's room. "Oh, cool!" Hannah was looking at a biggest stuffed animal she had ever seen! It was a purple fuzzy bear. "This is so cool Jill!" "Yeah! I know!" Jillian exclaimed. "I bought it myself!" "Jillian! Hannah!" Jillian's mom called up the stairs. "It's time for Hannah to go now!" "Okay Mom!" Jillian called back. "Bye Hannah! See you tomorrow!" "Tomorrow?" Hannah was puzzled. "For what?" "School starts tomorrow silly!" Jillian laughed. "Oh, yeah! Now I'll have something to do! Bye Jill!" Hannah raced down the stairs and out the door.


BEEP BEEP BEEP "No........" Hannah hit the snooze button on her alarm clock and rolled over. Just then, Emma burst into her room. "Hannah! Hannah! Wake up!" "Okay!" Hannah sat up sleepily. "Mommy made snow man pancakes!" Emma bubbled. "Yum.......let me get dressed and I'll be right down, okay?" "Okay," said Emma. "Just hurry before Ethan eats them all!" With that Emma ran back down the hallway. Hannah climbed out of bed and looked at her dresser. "What should I wear?" she asked her self. She finally picked a pink shirt, her favorite jeans, a baseball cap and her new spotless white sneakers."Yum!" Hannah said again as she sat down at the breakfast table." Her mom slid a plate with two snowman pancakes on it towards her. "Good morning honey!" she said "Good morning Mom!" Hannah replied. "I wonder who's class I'm in!" she wondered aloud. "I hope I'm in Jillian's class," she thought, taking a bite of pancakes. When she was done, she ran upstairs. "Hannah, grab your school bag please!" "Okay Mom!" She ran into her room, got her bag and ran down stairs. "I claim the front seat!" Ethan yelled. "Oh no you don't!" Hannah called behind her shoulder, then she made a jump for the car door and jumped in just as Ethan reached for it. "No fair!" he said .Hannah stuck her tongue out and Ethan did the same. "Okay, let's go!" As Mom backed out of the driveway, she turned on some John Denver music. We all danced in our seats. The song ended just as we drove into the parking lot. We all said goodbye and ran into the school.


"Hannah!" Jill called. We're in the same class!" Hannah ran over to Jill. "Whose class are we in?" "Miss Smith's class!" "Oh great! She is really fun and makes cool crafts!" "Yeah!" Jill replied. "Come on- let's find seats together in the front!" "Okay!" Hannah said. "Oh, I forgot to tell you- Soraya is in our class!" Soraya was Hannah's next best friend. Hannah ,Jill and Soraya sat in three seats together just as the bell rang. "Hello class! I'm Miss Smith. Could you please tell me your names?" Miss Smith said, smiling at the class. There were Anna, Sarah, Tom, Dan, Justin, Erica, Jill, and Soraya. "Good! Now, we will start history- everyone get out your books!" "Lunch!" Miss Smith called two hours later. "Come on!" Hannah said "Let's get seats together!" "Okay!" They all walked in to the cafeteria. They were some of the first few to get in line. They both got the same- ham, potatoes, peas and milk. "Come on! I see some seats over there- let's go!" After school, Hannah, Ethan and Emma were waiting for Mom. "Ethan," Emma asked. "Where is your car?" "It's in the shop- the tire is flat." "Oh."  Emma said. Just then, Mom pulled up. "Hi Mom!" Hannah said, sitting in the front. "Hi Hannah! How was your day?" "Great! Jill and Soraya are in my class and I have this really great teacher-her name is Miss Smith!" "That's great!" Mom said. "Come on Emma!" she yelled. Emma was saying goodbye to her friends. Emma got in the back seat and Mom drove off. "What are we having for supper?" Ethan asked.  pizza "Yum!" they all said at the same time. When they got home, Hannah ran into her room, grabbed her headphones and turned on some music.


They all sat down at the dinner table. " What kind?" Ethan. "Plain and pepperoni," Dad said. "And orange soda!" "Mmm," they all said, except for Emma. She didn't like soda. "Hannah," her dad said. "What do you want for your birthday? It's coming up in two weeks!" Hannah's eyes sparkled. "I'm going to have a sleepover with a four layer cake and it's going to be all pink, with toy horses running all around it! I'm not really sure what I want."

The days went by slowly, but soon it was the day of the sleepover and Hannah and Jill were blowing up balloons and hanging streamers. "I can't wait for the others to get here!" Hannah said. Just then the door bell rang. "I'll get it!" Hannah yelled. "Not if I get it first! Emma shouted. Hannah reached the door first and threw it open. "Hi Soraya! Hi Jean! Come on in! We still have to wait for Sarah and Lily." she said. "Okay!" they both said, and they all ran in the living room. Just as Hannah tied the last balloon, Sarah and Lily came in. "Hi guys!" they all said."What are we going to do first?" Jill asked. "We have supper!" Hannah said. They all walked into the kitchen. "Mmmmmmmm," they all said together as they took a deep breath. Pancakes with chocolate chips and chocolate milk. "Yum!" they all said. "Your mom is the best cook Hannah!" Soraya said. "Yeah," Jean agreed. "Oh, my mom didn't make these, Ethan did." Hannah said. "WHAT?" They all said together. Then they all heard a laugh from the next room. "This is the best pancake ever." Sarah said. When they had finished, they jumped into their PJ's and went into Hannah's room to watch some movies before bed. When the movies were done, they gave Hannah their presents-some earrings from Jill, a Webkinz bunny from from Jean, some new PJ's from Soraya, a pair of black sparkly shoes from Sarah, and a chorus of Happy Birthday from them all. "I love all of it! Thanks guys!" They all got into their sleeping bags and whispered back and forth for about twenty minutes before Hannah's mom told them lights out.


"Morning girls!" Mrs. Scott poked her head into Hannah's room, but to her surprise, the girls were not there! She looked in the family room and the dining, the living room and Ethan's room, Emma's room and the room Owen and Aaron shared, the kitchen, the basement, even her room , but all she found in there was her husband snoring. She could not find them anywhere. But there was one place Mrs. Scott did not look, one she didn't even know of! In Hannah's room, behind her dresser, was a hidden room that only Hannah, Jill, Jean, Soraya, Sarah ad Lily knew about. They were in there know playing board games. "Oh my goodness! I think we forgot to make breakfast!" Hannah said. "What?" they all said. "Because I said I would!" Hannah said, but she had a guilty look on her face. Jill looked at Hannah and raised her eyebrows. "Okay, okay! I lost a bet with Ethan." Hannah confessed."Can we help?" they all begged. "Okay!" Hannah agreed happily. They all crawled out of the room and to the kitchen. Then her mom walked in and stopped. "Where were you? I've been looking everywhere!" "Um, we were in my room." Hannah said. "Hmm...." Mrs. Scott said, then went upstairs. They all set to work. Lily and Jean made the toast, Soraya and Jean cooked eggs and bacon, and Jill and Hannah made coffee and hot chocolate.When they were done, they sat around the table and said grace. Then they all ate. After breakfast, they changed and brushed their teeth. "How about you girls go play outside?" Mrs. Scott suggested. Ethan nodded in agreement. "Okay, but if I come back to a bed full of worms like last time Ethan, you're dead!" Hannah said. The girls went outside. It was a nice day so the girls walked to the barn. "I'll ride Whisper!" Hannah called. "Anna for me!" Jill yelled. "I want Midnight!" Soraya shouted. "Frozen Winter please." said Sarah. "Bonnie!" said Jean. "Ruby!" called Lily. They all got their horses and headed out of the barn. "Hey girls!" A voice called. "Oh, guys! This is our new stable hand here!" A tall boy about Ethan's age stood in front of them. "Hi Will!" Hannah called. "Hey," Will said. "We were just going on the trail, Will," Hannah said. "Okay, but hurry. You have chores!" "Okay!" Hannah answered. They all mounted their horses and started off on the trail.


  1. Hey there,
    I am the girl Emma is pen pals with in Washington (I'm using my older sister's Google account to comment).I like your blog.I am 9 too. I've always wanted a blog but I can't yet.I want to read horses for Hannah Because I love horses. :)

    Mary wall

  2. It's coming along Anna! I love it.
    Mary wall


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