Monday, October 25, 2010

I Just Can't Wait to Be 7!!

Hi! (Emma typing what Anna says here)
I can't wait! My b-day is in a month and a half! I'll be 7 years old! I really can't wait because, guess what? You'll never guess. I'm going to get my ears pierced!!!!!! Yea, yea and double, triple yea! I've wanted my ears pierced for the longest time, Mom and Dad were going to have me wait until I was 8! But, they changed their minds and will let me have them pierced when I am 7 for a b-day present like my oldest and only sister,Emma, got her ears pierced for her b-day except, she was the one who had to wait til she was 8, not me thank goodness!
Well, thanks for looking at my blog!