Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lab Rat's

Hi Anna here  and I love this TV show called lab rats! when high schooler Leo moves into new stepfather's home he is suprised to learn he has three stepsiblings--each with bionic powers.

Billy Unger aka Chase Davenport ( Brother)

Kelli Berglund aka Bree Davenport ( Sister)

Spencer Boledman aka Adam Davenport ( Brother)

Tyrel Jackson William's ( Brother)

Hal Sparks aka Donald Davenport ( Dad)

Angle Parker aka Tasha Davenport ( Mom)

Will Forte aka Eddy ( Smart home System)

Maile Flangan aka Terry Perry ( Principal Perry)

Mateus Ward aka Marcus Davenport ( Evil)

Michaela Carrozzo aka Caitlin ( Bree's Freind)

Thanks for looking Anna